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LoveKnott Creations is a mixed media, fabric sculpture & creative crafting business. I like to make use of Recycling items to create great items.

In my workshops, craft packs & on-line tutorials i make use of a Fabric Hardening Product called Powertex.

I am a Certified Powertex Tutor : Fabric Sculpting, Stone Art, Mixed Media & 3D Easy Flex.

Powertex is a water-based, Enviornmentally friend, non-toxic, weatherproof  Liquid Medium.

Powertex works best with 100% Natural fibre materials, and can be used to harden cardboard, hessian, lace, Fabric etc.

After 3 weeks drying time the creations can be used to decorate indoors/outdoors.

Adding a bit of pigment powered (mixed with varnish) gives a lovely highlight to your creations. Mixed Media paints, rusty powder, 3D Balls, Acrylic Sprays are also used in the colouring & transformation of any piece.

Powertex is very forgiving & accomodating in that pretty much ANYTHING can be Powertex’d, and i have learnt to use all different types of recyclable materials around the house ie: water bottles, wine bottles, old canvas pieces, candle stick holders, rusted garden ornaments, wooden pallet pieces etc. to create some amazing pieces.

Once you start you will become quite addicted to the wonders of Powertex.

There is no specific creative talents’s definately worth a try!!

Join me for a workshop, which i run from Middleport Pottery, Harper Street in Stoke-on-Trent.

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